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In the world of pressed and anodised aluminium components for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and personal care industries, IAC Ltd is the name to trust.


With a well-earned reputation for performance, quality and creativity, we work with some of the biggest names in the industries, including those listed above. We ensure that we exceed their expectations and consistently delivering on time and within budget. Our ever-expanding portfolio includes the manufacture of actuators, collars and ferrules for the fragrance market as well as lipstick sleeves and overcaps for the cosmetic market. Some of the companies and groups we have worked with, and continue to work with, include Albéa, Apter Group, Estée Lauder L’Oréal, MWV, Oriflame, Paco Rabanne and many more. Our meticulous processes ensure we are able to manufacture high quality medical components such as ferrules and anodised cans for pharmaceutical packaging. As more and more applications emerge for our products, we find ourselves immersed in new markets and we are perfectly placed to embrace the opportunities that these bring. Our skilled teams of designers, engineers, tool makers and anodisers understand what it takes to make some of the best products and are willing to take different approaches to meet a client’s individual needs.

Personal Care Market

Due to its focus on production quality and customer service, IAC has established a reputation as one of the UK’s main providers of pressed and anodised aluminium products to the personal care market.

With clients including market leaders Estee Lauder, Aptar and Avon, IAC has become the trusted name to produce functional, robust, attractive aluminium hygiene packaging products which add to the visual impact of the end product and help make it stand out to the consumer. With an eye on the latest developments in style and finish, IAC works closely with existing and new customers within the hygiene & personal care market to ensure a collaborative process and complete satisfaction. Within the cosmetic and personal care sector it is important to convey an impression of luxury and reliability. With the use of anodised aluminium packaging, customers can feel the quality straight away, whilst the product is secured within the functional casing.  Anodised aluminium is easily the most popular material for packaging within the cosmetics industry, with silver and gold in matte or shiny finishes making up a large portion of the colour choices. In addition to this, rack anodising is preferred to bulk anodising due to the more reliable finish when using rack anodising.

Pharmaceutical Markets

Working with customers within the pharmaceutical markets, including Bespak, Astra Zeneca and GSK for more than 30 years, IAC has the experience, the knowledge and the insight to ensure it provides the best pharmaceutical packaging products possible, with consistency and quality at the heart of the process.

IAC currently supplies a significant percentage of the worldwide demand for anodised aluminium ferrules and the company is rightly proud of the relationships it has developed with the global pharmaceutical markets. All IAC operations are validated in accordance with the important guidelines governing the pharmaceutical industry. Experienced IAC employees can devise a brand new protocol in line with customer’s requirements to ensure validation and compliance is entrenched in all of its production processes from raw material to finished product.  Whether dealing with pharmaceutical packaging companies or medical packaging companies, high standards and rigorous quality control is guaranteed.

Cosmetics Markets

The discerning beauty customer demands that the packaging of cosmetic products projects a certain image in keeping with current trends and fashions.

The appearance of perfume packaging is now almost as important to the manufacturer and customer as the fragrance within. IAC has worked tirelessly for more than three decades within the cosmetics market with perfume companies and other cosmetic packaging companies to ensure that millions of perfumes pumps, lipsticks and mascara cases are as appealing from the outside as the product within. IAC has developed long-lasting relationships with many of the major players in the worldwide cosmetics sector and is considered by customers as a valued strategic partner, integral to the production process. There is a growing trend in cosmetic packaging to use aluminium to create a polished, environmentally friendly stylish finish to cosmetic packaging and IAC maintains an on-going dialogue to create solutions to emerging packaging trends.

New Markets

We are actively working with clients to understand their requirements in new areas including mobile telephones, machine components, bottles, torches, sports equipment and lighting.
IAC’s strong position supplying the pharmaceutical industry and its focus on quality control works equally well in the area of automotive parts production. IAC can design and develop tooling capable of being adapted for the manufacture of small parts for vehicles in metals including stainless steel, brass and aluminium.
IAC’s anodising facilities are flexible and adaptable enough to anodise different shapes and sizes of parts, products and accessories for this market.
IAC’s wide variety of traditional CNC lathe miller and grinding machines can support customers’ machine component production requirements.
IAC has the knowledge and ability to use its existing equipment and processes to be able to manufacture components from a wide range of industrial areas including battery cases, electrical components, writing implements and torches.
Within this market there is an increased demand for more sports equipment to be produced using anodised aluminium. Areas include: mountain bikes, climbing equipment, skate boards, scooters, motorbikes, fishing equipment, camping accessories and football boot studs.
IAC is keen to explore different markets and is capable of addressing the requirements of domestic and commercial lighting producers. IAC has large anodising tanks that can accommodate large units and ensure a consistent end finish, colour and quality.

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