At IAC we provide continuous developmental, technical and after-sales support and we are proud to operate an on-going programme to refine and optimise the aluminium anodising processes we are involved with to ensure the highest quality and performance for all of our customers.

IAC’s in-house facilities include package design, creating 3D models, metal stamping, aluminium anodising processes, decorating and assembly. Through these extensive processes we can guide our clients from the start of the aluminium anodising process through to the final product. IAC is able to meet the needs of a variety of customers due to a carefully managed production system, dedication to meeting deadlines and a commitment to accuracy and excellence. With our large existing customer base and experience across international markets, you can be certain that you are in safe hands when using our services. Our in-house teams, who care for our customers through the entire production process, are experts in research and development, committed to achieving consistency whilst remaining firmly within budget. With this method of working with customers we can ensure that every item we make fits your specifications exactly so you can get the right product first time.


IAC has 45 platarg transfer presses of various sizes, from three tonne 12 stage, to nine tonne 11 stage, in addition to two Bruderer stamping presses capable of speeds of 700 strokes per minute.

Our aluminium pressing techniques provide excellent flexibility so we can design bespoke tools to exact specifications. The aluminium pressing operation is automated to ensure high manufacturing volumes whilst maintaining strict quality control. Within the aluminium pressing process, key raw material and product batch information is retained alongside internal process quality checks such as SPC (statistical process control). This upholds the integrity of production inputs and provides our customers with output confidence. We consistently monitor our aluminium production techniques and encourage suggestions and ideas to ensure continual improvements in the services we provide, giving customers peace of mind and ensuring that any issues are addressed. Through this close working relationship with our customers we are certain that you will get the best quality service and highest quality components from IAC Ltd.


IAC continually invests in two fully computer controlled anodising lines, each of which is capable of producing 350million components every year.

Each anodising line is able to anodise a wide range of different colours and finishes at the same time without compromising quality or finish. In addition, IAC has a third semi-automatic aluminium anodising line which is currently under development and which will provide additional capacity to deal with increased demand. IAC has a strict maintenance and cleaning regime which occurs on a weekly basis to ensure that all chemicals and processes are renewed for the start of each new week of manufacturing. IAC carries out numerous environmental checks and tests throughout the week, the month and the year to meet its obligations under ISO 14001. IAC is researching further opportunities to introduce creative, effective solutions to reduce its environmental impact and ensures that conscious efforts are made at all times to be as environmentally aware as possible. IAC has made a significant investment in a large number of bespoke titanium loading racks for use in the anodising process. Each titanium rack is designed with the finished product in mind and ensures that components are carefully held on the internal surface to prevent witness marks on the external surface, which could affect the aesthetics of the final product. IAC has responded to customer requests to aid their assembly machines be offering two additional processes to their components to ease movement in machines. These are semi-slip and full-slip offering differing levels of slippiness which are popular with many customers. Through innovation and experience, IAC has refined its system to improve its yield of production and colour consistency. IAC has also developed a multi-pin design to increase contact and therefore increase the yield and quality of the final product.


One of the strongest aspects of a product is its packaging; if done correctly, the packaging can sell a product by itself.

We regularly research the changes that take place in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries in order to be able to maintain a high level of knowledge about what our customers want and how we can help them achieve their goals. IAC is innovative, responsive and proactive in its approach to advances in the industries we serve, and we ensure that our approach to packaging is creative, well thought-out and carefully tailored for every customer.

Anodised aluminium is often referred to as the most environmentally-friendly finish in component packaging and component manufacturing. This is because it is 100 per cent recyclable, meaning that it is not only durable and functional but scores highly on environmental terms too.


IAC has recently invested in a new, fully-automated degreasing machine for aluminium components with sufficient capacity to cope with future growth. As the aluminium degreasing process is an essential part of modern production processes, this is key to the quality and usability of our products.

Degreasing is the removal of all oil residuals, which is a key fundamental to achievement of high quality anodising finish. This is an important step across all industries, with quality suffering if this vital step is not completed correctly. The new degreasing machine enables IAC to operate within the strict environmental guidelines currently in place and offers all employees the highest level of safety and security, whilst reducing the company’s impact on the local and wider environment. IAC is researching further opportunities to introduce creative and effective solutions to reduce its environmental impact, which was traditionally a large concern with degreasing processes. In addition to this, we ensure that conscious efforts are made at all times to be as environmentally aware as possible. IAC regularly welcomes the Environmental Agency onto site in order to assure our customers and ourselves that we continue to work in a safe and environmentally aware way.

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