IAC Ltd designs and manufactures a wide range of anodised aluminium products, including ferrules and cans for use as medical inhalers and has products and processes which can be adapted for other medical applications.

We follow stringent industry guidelines to ensure safety and compliance and we work with many major pharmaceutical suppliers around the world. IAC Ltd can create anodised aluminium products to specific requirements in terms of different diameters, lengths and features such as pierce and edge profiles and nibbed or bulge features. Our current anodising capacity for this product is around 300m per annum, making us one of the largest suppliers in the world.

IAC Ltd has extensive experience of designing a wide range of sheath actuators, shrouds and collars, ferrules, screw ferrules, lotion shrouds and overcaps for use in the personal care and fragrance markets.

Our design and production teams work with some of the biggest names in the sector including Estée Lauder, Aptar and MWV. We are able to continually innovate and develop new ideas and products to meet the changing demands of the cosmetic market.

Our anodised aluminium product development team and talented toolmakers work closely together with our cosmetic customers to produce lipstick covers and mascara caps to exact specifications.

For an industry where looks really matter, our skilled teams can ensure customers achieve the perfect finish for their product to ensure they stand out on the shelf and appeal to the end customer. Whether the brief is to create an angular pierce form, a side pierce option, a bulging or a non-standard nib design, IAC Ltd can help. With four finishes to choose from and a vast range of colour options, we know we can help customers achieve the look they want when looking for anodised aluminium products.

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